Voice Culture was founded on the idea that speech therapy can transform the lives of children and adolescents.

Whether your child’s issues are neurological or physical we help break down the barriers, so they can communicate with you and the rest of the world with more confidence.  Voice Culture can help maximise your child's learning and social life.


speech therapy for toddlers to teenagers

Speech Therapy for Toddlers to Teenagers

Collaborative and caring, our therapy is arranged to involve you in your child’s progress. You are encouraged to stay during the weekly session so you can replicate the techniques at home. You can also download a number of apps and exercises onto your smartphone or tablet so you and your child can play, connect and practise.

We’re speech and language therapists, but we specialise in fun! To really effect change in children, they have to be fully stimulated and engaged, and that means having fun. Using everyday games and toys we play and connect with your child during speech therapy sessions.


help your child overcome speech and language difficulties such as:

speech therapy for children
Sofia gained confidence in herself and her abilities. We are noticing an improvement after only a short time.”
— Mother of Sofia

Fun, tailored speech therapy sessions

Speech therapy works best when your child is fully engaged, so the one-on-one sessions are always relaxed, fun and useful. Our experienced, highly-skilled therapists use a range of age-appropriate toys, games and activities to tackle your child’s unique challenges.

Speech therapy at home

To make the most of the sessions and speed up progress, you’ll also be equipped to help your child practise at home and apply the new skills to every day life.

speech therapy at home

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Find out how we can help maximise your child’s learning and social life. Tackle your child’s speech and language difficulties in engaging one-on-one sessions. 

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