At Voice Culture you receive specialised Speech Therapy, Accent Modification and Voice Coaching whether you are a child, adult or a corporate executive. 

Our Services

Face to Face or Online Web Based Solutions to suit your needs.

What You Receive

We're passionate about seeing you meet your communication potential.  We know that you are unique and so we design your individual programme to meet your unique needs.  

  • The therapy is done in a friendly and fun way so it feels less like work. Games are involved and practice at home can be done by games either as a board game or a computer.
    — Mother of Milan
  • It was pretty hard for many people to understand me speaking way too fast and with a Russian accent spiced with American and French pronunciation…I used to avoid conversation unless it was absolutely necessary. This is not so anymore. And the painful expression on people’s faces (tying to figure out what I’m saying) has all but disappeared.
    — Serge Klochkov
  • My company wanted me to improve my communication skills so that staff could more readily understand me. The accent modification training has given me greater clarity, ability to correct myself and a feeling of confidence when speaking with colleagues individually and in meetings.
    — Vivian Song, HR Metrics and Planning Analyst, Fonterra
  • The best thing about therapy “is the results we are hearing. Also the way games are incorporated in the therapy [She] loves it when you play games with her that requires some physical movement or games on the floor and also memory games.
    — Mother of Danjana