Voice Coaching and Speech Therapy For Corporates

Test yourself to see if Voice Coaching will benefit you:

  • I have to repeat myself to be understood

  • I have trouble speaking loudly

  • People find it hard to hear me in a noisy environment

  • I run out of breath when I’m speaking

  • My voice feels tired at the end of the day

  • People don’t understand what I say

  • I don’t get the attention of my audience

  • I slur my words and mumble

  • My voice seems too high

  • My voice seems too low

If you find yourself answering "Yes" to any of the above, you will be likely to benefit from voice coaching.

With a Voice Coaching programme you will learn how to master:


Breath support

Learning the correct techniques to give you more control over your voice and speech.

Optimum pitch

Learning to speak at the best pitch for you. You will learn how to raise or lower the pitch of your voice.


Learning to speak with a voice that is full and captivating.

Volume and Voice Projection

Learning to speak so others hear you.

Giving Life to your Voice

Learning to speak with pace, pause, expression and colour.

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