Can You Fix My Lisp?

Does your lisp affect you socially?

Do you think it’s affecting your professional development?

Do you feel self conscious when you speak - because of your lisp?

Lisps are very common speech errors and the good news is that they can be corrected - relatively easily - especially if there is a high level of motivation to improve and a willingness to practise.

What is a lisp?

A lisp is a difficulty in making specific sounds. It most commonly affects the ’s’ or ‘z’ sounds, but can also affect ‘sh,’ ‘ch’ or an ‘j’ sounds. 

What causes a Lisp?

A lisp is produced in three main situations:

  • when the tongue is placed between the teeth, as when normally forming a ‘th’ type sound

  • when the tongue is pressed against the front teeth forming a blurred ‘s’

  • and when air passes over the side of the tongue forming a slushy ‘s’.

Do I need help?

Some adults have no desire to change their speech and happily accept their lisp. The are many well known people who have found that their lisp is part of who they are.

However, there are others who want to correct their lisp. Often their lisp produces feelings of frustration, embarrassment and a low self esteem. Many wonder if it is too late to receive help.

Can an adult lisp BE FIXED?

Adult lisps are treatable. A speech therapist will follow these three steps:

1. Hear the difference

The first step in fixing a lisp is to help you hear the difference between the way you currently pronounce the sound and how the sound is pronounced correctly.

2. Learn the target

Next you will learn techniques to form the sound correctly.

3. Practise the correct way

Once you are able to produce the correct sound, you will be taken through step-by-step practice to help you make the new sound your new normal.

Speech therapy can help correct lisps regardless of age. 

Alison Owen
Voice Culture

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