Presentation Training provides vital tools for people who rely on their voice in their profession.

These include sales people, call centre workers, air traffic controllers, doctors, lawyers, teachers or anyone engaged in voice intensive communication.

Improving individual voice quality, projection and performance through tailored voice coaching will give:

  • Efficient speaking skills
  • Improved business communication
  • Increased productivity

Sales targets and efficiency levels across business can be lifted when speaking and communication skills are raised.

Speak well to communicate clearly and powerfully.

Group 1: Sound Basics

Sound Basics begins with an assessment and analysis of your speech, from which an individual programme is designed to target your particular pronunciation needs. You will have opportunity to listen to, to practice and to modify your pronunciation.

You will also receive a personalised workbook and recordings of sentences chosen to assist you during the group session and in your home practice sessions.

In the group you will work on vocabulary that is specific to your work, social and home settings.

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Group 2: Presentation Basics

Presentation Basics focuses on you in your work, professional or social setting. You will learn both the importance of, and the use of, the PAUSE. You will also learn about pacing and changing intonation patterns as well as how to present in a group and in an interview. The groups will also teach you how to use your voice to communicate with confidence.

To enter this group you must have completed the Sound Basics group or gain the permission of a Voice Culture Speech Therapist.

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