Three Fun Activities For Children During The Holidays

Three Fun Activities For Children During The Holidays

Holidays don’t mean children must stop learning.  How can you continue to help your child progress with their language?

Here are three simple but fun activities for children that will not only keep them entertained these holidays but will also continue their language development.

1. The Hidden Garden

Option 1. Hide various objects around your garden. As you walk around your garden, allow your child to discover the hidden objects.  You may even like to tell your child that you’re going on a treasure hunt.  When your child discovers one of the objects let them tell you about it. For example, if one of the hidden objects you have is an owl, ask your child questions such as, “Where did it come from?”, “What is it doing here?”, “Does it have a name?”

Option 2.  Hide the objects and have your child look for the object you describe by its function e.g. something that is round and can bounce. Your child then has to remember the information and look specifically.

2. Following Instructions

fun activities for children during the holidays

Engage your children in activities that require them to follow instructions.  The ability to follow instructions is an important part of language development.

For example, bake with your child. Find a recipe that your child likes, such as cookies, and let them follow the recipe to make them.


What activities have you tried with your children?

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Alison Owen

Speech Language Therapist
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