Are you concerned that your child isn’t talking as much as other children? Don’t panic. We have put together three easy things you can do to encourage your child to talk.

My child isn't talking
  1. Provide a need for your child to communicate
    Put things out of reach so your child has to ask you for it. For example, don’t make favourite toys too accessible.Give your child a cup with no drink in it. Your child will want to communicate that there is nothing in the cup. Laugh together and use simple language e.g. “Oh, no water! Mummy get water.”

  2. Talk about what you are doing
    Put words to your actions. Include your child in baking, cleaning, making the beds, building something. By putting words to your actions you model new words and you also reinforce words your child has already learned.

  3. Praise all communication attempts made
    Even if they are only noises and not yet words, still praise them. When you reinforce their attempts at communication you increase the likelihood of them repeating that behaviour.

So keep language simple and relevant to what your child is doing and you will help create the need for communication.

If you’re still concerned contact one of speech therapists at Voice Culture.

Alison Owen
Speech Language Therapist
Voice Culture Ltd