Individual Accent Modification Programme

In an Individual Accent Modification Programme you will initially be assessed by a qualified Speech Language Therapist to discover exactly how your pronunciation varies from standard New Zealand English.

Using the Compton PESL programme a personalised programme will be created focusing on teaching you the appropriate speech modification techniques.

Benefits of one-on-one coaching: 

  • Assure maximum benefit
  • Is run by a qualified Speech language Therapist
  • You will have opportunity to listen to, to practice and to modify your pronunciation
  • You will learn both the importance of, and the use of, the PAUSE
  • You will learn about pacing and changing intonation patterns
  • Full materials including workbook, exercises and recordings

To book individual Accent Modification assessment, contact us with your details

ONLINE Accent Modification Programme

  • Following an initial assessment of your accent/speech/voice, an individual programme is designed, and you are provided with your own materials
  • Training, therapy and coaching is then facilitated using Zoom
  • Beneficial when you have limited time
  • Great for refresher sessions for graduates
  • All that you need is a webcam, microphone and a quiet environment and you can improve your communication skills from the privacy of your own home
  • If you would like to book online coaching, contact us for more details

GROUP Accent Modification Programme

  • Runs for eight weeks (one hour sessions)
  • Maximum of four people, ensuring you get personal attention
  • Gives you opportunity to learn from others
  • Is held at two convenient locations
  • Runs at convenient times
  • Is run by a qualified Speech Language Therapist
  • Read more about Accent Modification Groups
  • To book an Accent Modification Group, contact usfor more details.

For more information contact us today or phone us on (09) 360 0535 or (09) 576 6400.